Creating backorders with insufficent stock

Learn how to create a backorder when you have insufficent available items in stock. You'll be able to sell available stock in the order while putting the rest on backorder.

Step 1

Let's create a sale for this item to sell a quantity of 20.

On the right, we can see that we only have 10 of this item in stock.

Click save and invoice.

Step 2

This “Insufficient Stock” message will pop up, giving a few options. 

We want to sell the 10 available items and put the remaining 10 on back order, so select the middle option and click proceed.

Step 3

This creates a sale with the available items.

Below this, the items on backorder are outlined by two description-only lines.

Step 4

For the items on backorder, another sale order is created in TidyStock with "A" added to the end of the original sale order number.

Once you have enough stock, the goods for this sale can be invoiced and dispatched.


Posted: Sat 12 Aug 2023