How to do a bulk import of customers

Previously, we learnt how to add customers to your TidyStock account, manually. However, this can be very time consuming if you have a lot of data to enter. In this module, learn how to import customers to your TidyStock account in bulk.

Step 1

Head to Import/Export under Global Settings. Here, six tabs show data areas that you can import and export in bulk.

Go to the customers tab to do a bulk import of customers.

Step 2

Download the empty template by clicking Template CSV File. Open this file on your device to edit it.

Step 3

You can type in your customer information or paste it in from another source. There are five mandatory fields. These are the Customer Name, Code, Country, Currency, and Contact First Name.

Step 4

Your Codes, can comprise of numbers, uppercase letters, hyphens, and/or dashes, up to ten characters long.

Step 5

In the Country column, enter the full name of a country as it appears in Tidy. Make sure you have set up this country in your account beforehand.

Step 6

In the Currency column, enter the three-letter ISO code of a currency as it appears in TidyStock. Make sure you have set up this currency beforehand.

Step 7

Along with the required First Name, you can optionally add a last name, phone number, and email to your contact person’s details.

Step 8

Once you have filled out all the required fields and any optional fields, save your spreadsheet document. Then go back to TidyStock.

Step 9

Select Choose file, to upload the spreadsheet you have just created, then click, Import Customers.

You can also select, Auto-map customers to Xero. This connects them to existing contacts in your Xero account.

Step 10

If we go to our list of customers now, the three new customers we’ve imported have appeared.

Posted: Wed 11 Jan 2023