How to do a bulk import of pricing

Previously, we learnt how to add pricing to your account manually. However, this can be very time consuming if you have a lot of data to enter. In this module, learn how to import material prices to your TidyStock account in bulk.

Step 1

Head to Import/Export under Global Settings. Here, the six tabs show data areas that you can import and export in bulk.

Go to the material prices tab to do a bulk import of pricing.

Step 2

Download the empty template by clicking Template CSV File. Open this file on your device to edit it.

Step 3

Along the header row, you can see all of the pricing levels and quantity breaks that are in your Tidy account at the moment.

Seen here, we have the default Standard, Gold, Silver, and Bronze pricing levels, along with the Summer Special that we added.

Step 4

The quantity breaks applied to each pricing level are shown in the columns next to them.

Step 5

To add a new pricing level or quantity break, add a new heading.

E.g. to add a quantity break of 10 for the Summer Special pricing level, we can type "Summer Special 10+" in the next column.

Step 6

Now we can add the custom prices for specific material items. Enter the item code from Tidy and its unit charge currency.

Then add its custom price/s under any relevant pricing levels and/or quantity breaks.

Step 7

You only need to fill out pricing columns relevant to the item.

E.g. if an item only has standard pricing with quantity breaks, just leave the remaining columns blank.

Step 8

Once you've finished adding items and their prices, save your spreadsheet, then go back to Tidy.

Step 9

Select Choose file to upload the spreadsheet we’ve just created, then click Import Material Prices.

Step 10

If we go to one of the items we imported custom pricing for, we can see the quantity breaks we added to it.

Posted: Sun 08 Jan 2023