How to use the bulk stock adjustment tool

Learn how to use the stock adjustment tool. This can be used to complete stock adjustments in bulk if you have done a stock take and need to update a list of stock levels for material items.

Step 1

To access to the bulk stock adjustment tool in TidyStock, you will need the Team User permission “Bulk Stock Taker” to be enabled. 

Your organisation's resource administrator can enable this under the Users section of Global Settings.

Step 2

Once this permission has been switched on, this “Bulk Stock Take” icon will appear under the Inventory tab. 

Step 3

This is the Bulk Stock Take screen. 

On the right-hand side, under “Download Template”, you can download a spreadsheet for each material item location you have in TidyStock.  

Step 4

The spreadsheet contains every material item that has been associated with the location. 

Some columns are required fields and some are optional read-only fields.

  • Name – Name of the material item (Optional)
  • Location – Location of the material item you want to adjust (Required)
  • Managed (Read only) – Whether an item is managed or unmanaged (Optional)
  • Current S/L – Current stock level of the material item. (Read only). This is not used for the adjustment
  • Adjustment – Quantity you want to adjust the material item by. This can be positive or negative. This is the quantity you want to adjust the material item by, NOT the final quantity you have counted. 
  • Stocktake Description – Description to appear in the material item transaction history (Note: Only managed items have a transaction history). 

    Step 5

    Fill out the spreadsheet with your adjustments and stocktake descriptions, then save. 

    Upload the file and choose the Effective Date. By default, the Effective Date is today’s date, but it can be backdated (e.g. to the end of last month). 

    Click Go. 

    Step 6

    Once complete, the material items' stock levels will be adjusted (and appear in the transaction history for managed items). 

    If your TidyStock account is connected to Xero, a stock adjustment journal will also be sent through to Xero for each managed item that was adjusted. 



    Posted: Fri 11 Aug 2023