How to complete a stock adjustment

In this module, learn how to complete a stock adjustment. Stock adjustments are done to manually modify the stock level or value of managed items.

Step 1

Head to Materials under the Global Settings tab and expand the material item you want to modify by clicking on it. 

Then click Adjust.

Step 2

Select a Reason and Location for the stock adjustment from the dropdown lists.

Step 3

To increase the stock level, enter a positive number in the Change in # Units field.

To decrease the stock level, enter a negative number.

Step 4

The change you’ve just made can be found in the item’s transaction history

It is also tracked in Xero.

Step 5

Stock adjustments can only be made on managed items

For unmanaged items, stock levels can be changed by simply editing the material information, however, these changes are not traceable.


Posted: Mon 12 Dec 2022