How to create a backorder

Backorders are created when you want to enter a sale, but not invoice the customer at this stage. You can also create backorders to just get the sale into the system for further details to be added later.

Step 1

Head to the Sales & Purchases tab and click on New Sale.

Create a sales order as normal, then click Save as Order or Save and Invoice.

Step 2

If you click Save and Invoice but there is insufficient stock to complete the sale, you will be shown this screen. You can choose to save as a draft or save as "on order" then click proceed

These allow you to create indent orders, back orders or sales orders that may need to be approved by someone else or converted to a sale at a later date.

Step 3

To check whether stock has arrived to fill the orders, use the Advanced search button, choose the status as On Order and select from the drop down list, the stock availability and select the dates required and any other fields as required. Click Apply button.

Step 4

Select a customer contact for this sales order over here.

Step 5

Click More Settings to expand this section. Here, you can choose the currency you’re selling in and the pricing level.

Step 6

Select the invoice template under Branding, as well as the packing slip and sales quote templates. If you haven’t already, setup these templates by following the Document Setup modules.

Step 7

To add an item to this order, type in the item code or item name, or click the search icon.

Step 8

If you click the search icon, you can narrow down your search by filtering by material category or typing in part of the item’s code or name.


Posted: Thu 30 Nov 2023