How to create a project and schedule resources

In this module, learn how to create a project, convert a quote into a project and use the resource scheduler to schedule resources to tasks.

Step 1

Create a project by either converting a quote into a project, or creating a completely new one. Creating a new project follows the same process as creating a quote.

Step 2

To convert a quote into a project, go to your quotes list and click the "view" button next to the quote.

Step 3

Click Accept Quote, make any changes on the screen that pops up, then click Accept.

Step 4

This brings you to the new project screen. The tasks from your quote are shown here.

On the right, there are departments and the users within them.

One way to schedule resources is to assign time to each user. As you do this, the balance changes on the left.

Step 5

You can also override the user charge rate by clicking on the dollar amount.

The global charge rates are available for selection as well as any user-specific charge rates you have set up.

Step 6

Another way to schedule resources is by using the Resource Scheduler.

Enter zeroes for each user who will be working on this project so they can still create time entries even if we're unsure of the exact hours at this point.

Step 7

Head to Schedule by Resource

This screen displays a calendar view, with each department and the users within that department. Click the boxes next to the departments to show or hide the users under them. 

Step 8

Below the calendar, under Tasks to be Scheduled, you will see a list of tasks that need to be scheduled. 

You can filter this list by typing in the project code or name in the search box, or by doing an advanced search.

Step 9

Drag and drop tasks from the project we created to a user.

If the standard workday set up in the user's settings is 8 hours, each resource assignment will default to 8 hours.

You can edit the task by clicking on it and changing the project, task, duration, or percentage of the user's day this task takes up.

Step 10

You can drag this task sideways to copy it to other days too.

You can also drag up or down to other users by holding down the Ctrl or Command key on your keyboard and dragging.

Step 11

Under the “Sched” column, the balance is zero because the hours planned and the hours scheduled are balanced. A green tick has appeared meaning that the task has been fully scheduled.

To ensure the user's cost and charge are applied back to the project time plan, click the edit icon next to the balance.

Step 12

Click on the arrows under the Match column.

The scheduled hours will be applied back into the project Time Plan.

You can see this if you go to view or edit the project again. You'll also be able to see the time budget under the project console.

Once tasks have been scheduled to users, when they go to do a time entry, we can see that the time has already been scheduled/booked for them. See our further documentation on how to create a time entry.


Posted: Tue 06 Jun 2023