How to create a purchase order

Purchase Orders are created when you want to purchase stock from a supplier. In this module, learn how to create a new purchase order and what different purchase order statuses mean.   

Step 1

Head to the Sales & Purchases tab and click on New Order.

Step 2

First, select the supplier that you’re ordering from.

The options in this dropdown list are what you set up in Suppliers under Global Settings earlier

Step 3

Then choose which location you want the stock to be received into.

You can also add an expected delivery date.

Step 4

To add a material item to this order, begin typing in the code or name of the item.

Alternatively, you can click the search icon to view all items.

Step 5

Here, you can see all of your items.

Narrow down your search by filtering by material category or start typing the item code or name.

Step 6

Once you’ve selected the desired material item, enter the quantity needed.

You can add more line items to this order by clicking New Line.

Step 7

Once you’ve finished adding items, save the order. Let’s save it as a draft for now. As a draft, the order can still be modified or deleted.

Step 8

Now, in Purchase Orders, you can see the draft order we’ve just created.

Click on the binoculars icon to view the purchase order.

Step 9

You can view and edit the purchase order's status over here.

Click on the draft button.

Step 10

Now change the status by simply clicking on the desired status.

Once you set a purchase order as Approved, it can no longer be edited. It can then be downloaded and emailed.

Once you set a purchase order as Sent, it can then be received.

If you set a purchase order as Rejected, it gets cancelled.


Posted: Tue 13 Dec 2022