Set up your custom templates

Learn how to create custom templates for sales quotes, packing slips, project proposals, project quotes, and purchase orders. Use our template codes to add fields to your document template.

Step 1

Head to Templates under Global Settings. You can either upload your own templates or use our built-in templates.

Step 2

On the right, download one of the templates to view and edit it.

For this example, let's download the template for a Project Quote.

Step 3

Open the template on your device to view or edit it. Here, you can see the fields that will be populated by your project quotes.

You can add or edit these using the template codes here.

Step 4

You'll notice that the top of each page says {{#foreach Quote}} and the bottom of each page says {{/foreach Quote}}

These act as boundaries, so all titles and fields in the template must be contained between them to map information from your Tidy account into your template.


If you insert a textbox and want to include template codes in it, please ensure that either:

The "anchor point" for the text box is within the {{#foreach Quote}} boundaries.

Or, if the anchor point is outside the boundaries of {{#foreach Quote}} as shown here, add a separate pair of {{#foreach Quote}} and {{/foreach Quote}} inside the textbox.

Step 5

Once you have finished customising your template, head back to TidyEnterprise to upload it.

Click New Template, then name it, select the template type, and upload the file. Click save.

Step 6

This project quote is now available to use when you create quotes.

Repeat this process to set up the rest of your document templates.

Head to the appropriate template codes appendix for each type of template to customise your fields.

Step 7

In the Defaults tab under Templates, you can set default templates for sale quotes, sale packing slips, and purchase orders. 

If no default template is set up, then standard templates provided by Tidy will be used. 


Posted: Mon 27 Feb 2023