How to disable, archive, or delete items

In this module, learn how to disable, archive, and delete material items. If you are no longer selling or keeping stock of certain items, you can choose to archive or disable them. If there is no sales or purchase history against a specific item, you can also delete it.

Step 1

Head to Materials under Global Settings to see your list of material items.

Step 2

To disable an item, click the checkbox on the right.

Grey Bench Rack is now disabled and won’t appear in your list of material items.

Step 3

If you want to enable it again, click on Advanced at the top.

Select Include Disabled, and type “grey” in the Name Contains field to narrow down the search.

Then hit Apply.

Step 4

The Grey Bench Rack we disabled just before is now visible again. To re-enable it, click on the checkbox. It will reappear in your items list.

If you want to archive it instead, click the filing box icon next to it.

Step 5

An error message will appear if the stock level of the material item is anything other than zero.

Also, if there are incomplete transactions for this item (active sales and purchases with draft, quote, or sent status), or if it is part of an assembly, then the item cannot be archived.

Step 6

As an unmanaged item, we can easily adjust the stock level to zero. However, we must complete or cancel SALE-126 first so that there are no incomplete transactions.

After this is done, expand the item to edit it, and change the stock level to zero.

Step 7

Click on the filing box icon again to archive the Grey Bench Rack.

Step 8

To un-archive an item, follow the same process for re-enabling items. Click on Advanced, but this time, select the Include Archived checkbox.

Step 9

Click the green icon to un-archive.

Step 10

To delete an item, you must first disable it. The rubbish bin icon will then appear.

Step 11

As this item has a stock level of zero, and has no sales or purchase history, you can delete it by clicking the bin.

Items that have been purchased or sold in the past cannot be deleted, only archived. The bin icon will not appear upon disabling.


Posted: Sat 10 Dec 2022