How to add price levels

In this module, learn how to set up pricing levels. These are used when you want to sell items at different prices to the unit charge you set up in the material item’s details.

Step 1

When you set up your material items earlier, you would have determined their unit charge. This is the default selling price when you make sales.

Step 2

However, if you want to make sales at different prices for particular customer groups, you should set up pricing levels.

Head to the Price Levels tab of Materials and click New Pricing Level.

Step 3

Then you simply name the pricing level you want to add, and save.

Step 4

If we go back to the Material Items tab and click Custom Pricing on any item, the new pricing level we’ve just created will appear.

Step 5

See in this pop up, “Summer Special” is here, along with the demo Gold, Silver, and Bronze discount pricing levels.

You can add custom prices for this item for each pricing level.

Step 6

Now let’s go into the Sales & Purchases tab to see the custom pricing we’ve just added in action.

Select New Sale, then expand your options by clicking More settings.

Step 7

Here, you can select the desired pricing level, and then continue with creating the sale as usual.

Step 8

You can also assign default pricing levels to customers.

Go to Customers under Global Settings and click the edit icon next to a customer. Under the Sales tab, select the desired pricing level from the dropdown.


Posted: Sat 10 Dec 2022