How to add quantity breaks

In this module, learn how to add quantity breaks to materials. This is a type of custom pricing where discounts are given to customers based on the quantity of an item purchased. This is particularly useful when customers make bulk purchases.

Step 1

Head to Materials under Global Settings and expand a material item by clicking on it.

Select the Custom Pricing button that appears.

Step 2

Here, you can see the different pricing levels we set up earlier.

Under the 1+ column, the Standard Price is $225.49. This is the unit charge that you set up in the material item information. The 1+ represents the fact that when a customer buys one or more packs of Silver Brazing Sticks, they will pay $225.49 per pack.

Step 3

Now, let’s look at quantity break discounts. Click on New Quantity Break and enter a number.

We've put in 5, meaning that when a customer buys 5 or more packs of the Silver Brazing Sticks, they will pay a discounted price.

Step 4

Enter the discounted price for this quantity break here.

Step 5

You can add further quantity breaks.

For example, if we add a quantity break of 10+ here, we’ve now got 3 levels of quantity breaks.

Customers will pay a different unit price if they buy 1-4 packs, versus 5-9 packs, versus 10 or more packs

Step 6

Quantity break discounts can also be used in combination with pricing level discounts, so you might end up with a pricing structure that looks something like this:

Step 7

Let's create a sale to see these quantity breaks in action. 

Here, you can see that when we enter a quantity of 5, the unit price changes due to the quantity break. If we also apply the Gold Discount, this unit price updates again.


Posted: Fri 09 Dec 2022