How to credit a sale

In this module, learn how to credit a sale when customers return items they have purchased from you, or ask for a refund.

Step 1

Head to Sales under Sales & Purchases.

Here, you can either click New Credit at the top or click on the tag icon by the sale you want to credit.

Step 2

On this new sale credit, all the original sale information is already entered, because we clicked on the tag next to the sale before.

If the New Credit button, was used, we would fill this information out manually.

Step 3

Choose a reason for the sale credit and select the box under “Returned?” if you want this credit to adjust the stock level for the item. Specify the quantity too.

Step 4

Repeat this process for any other line items.

Then click Save as a Draft or Complete Credit. Once complete, a credit note is created through Xero.


Posted: Sun 11 Dec 2022