How to use barcodes

Barcodes are used in TidyStock to quickly search for and identify material items. In this module, learn how to add items by scanning the barcode, search for items using their barcode, and add items to sales using barcodes. 


Step 1

Head to Materials under the Global Settings tab, and click on New Material Item.

Add the item's details in the fields.

Step 2

Click on the barcode field, then scan the barcode of the material item to enter it into TidyStock. Hit save. 

The item you added will now appear in your material list. 

Step 3

You can also search for items by barcode in the material items screen.

In Materials, click on Advanced next to the search bar.

Scan the barcode of the item in the barcode section of the advanced searchThe item with the corresponding barcode you've scanned will appear in the search results.

Step 4

You can use barcodes to to add items to sales.

Go to New Sale and click on the search field to add an item to the order. Scan the barcode of the item to add it to the sale.


Posted: Sun 04 Dec 2022