How to invoice project milestones

In this module, learn how to send a project invoice for milestones achieved on fixed price projects.  

Step 1

Go to your projects list and click the "view" icon next to the project you want to invoice a milestone for.

Step 2

This brings us to the Project Console.

Click Milestones to expand it, then click Set Achieved on the milestone you want to invoice.

Click Proceed on the pop-up.

Step 3

Head to the Invoice Queue under Sales & Purchases.

Click the checkbox next to the project you want to invoice. You can also see a preview of it.

When you're ready to export this invoice to Xero, click Generate.

Step 4

This screen will appear, showing that you have successfully generated the milestone invoice.

If you receive an error message, ensure that the customer has been mapped to your Xero account correctly.

Step 5

In your Invoice History, you can download a PDF copy of the invoice or view and email it.


Posted: Wed 31 May 2023