How to create a purchase order from the order queue

In this module, learn how to use the order queue to create a purchase order for material items used in projects.

Step 1

Head to Order Queue under Sales & Purchases to see a list of all outstanding materials that need to be ordered.

Step 2

You can see which items are related to which projects.

Select the checkbox next to the items you want to order, then click Create Purchase Order.

Step 3

This brings you to the New Purchase Order screen.

Add or edit details such as the supplier, delivery address, dates, and location.

Step 4

At the bottom, there's a list of items that we added from the Order Queue.

You can add or edit the items and quantities or add other items to the order by clicking New Line.

Step 5

You can save this purchase order as a Draft, as Approved, or as Sent.

Depending on a user’s permissions, they might only be able to save orders as a draft. Another user with approver permissions would then come in and change the status to approved.

Step 6

Once the order has been approved, it can be downloaded and emailed to the supplier.

Once the order is marked as sent, it can be received in.


Posted: Fri 02 Jun 2023