Create and receive purchase orders from an assembly

If you want to purchase components to create an assembly, the "Purchase Order from Assembly" feature in Tidy makes it easy to ensure you order all of the material items required. In this module, learn how to create and receive purchase orders from an assembly.

Step 1

Go to your Sales & Purchases tab and select Purchase Orders. From here, click on New PO from Assembly.

Step 2

From the dropdown list, select the assembly you want to create a purchase order for, then click Generate Purchase Orders.

Step 3

As seen here, two purchase orders have been generated. There are two separate orders, because the components in the assembly came from two different suppliers.

Step 4

View or change the status of these orders by clicking the binoculars.

Step 5

Click on the orange Draft button and change the order status to Sent.

Step 6

If we go back to the purchase order list, we can see that this order has now been sent.

Step 7

Follow the same process for the other purchase order from this assembly.

Step 8

To receive the purchase orders from this assembly, follow the same process as receiving a regular purchase order.

Click on the orange truck icon for each order and confirm the stock has been received.

Step 9

These material items can now be used to assemble the Heavy-Duty Gas Cylinder Trolley.


Posted: Sun 11 Dec 2022