How to receive a purchase order

Previously, we created and sent a purchase order to a supplier. In this module, learn how to receive the items on the purchase order when stock has arrived. Once the items have been received, a bill payable is created in your connected Xero account.

Step 1

Go to Purchase Orders under the Sales & Purchases tab.

Find your order and click on the orange truck icon next to it.

Step 2

This brings you to the Receive Order page. Over here, you can choose the invoice status, the invoice number, and the invoice date and due date. This information will flow through to the bill created in Xero.

Step 3

You can also add any freight inwards costs from the supplier such as shipping and delivery charges.

Step 4

Under the Received Materials section, you can change the stock levels received and/or the unit cost if these are different from what you ordered. Then click Proceed.

Step 5

Finally, confirm the stock level changes based on the purchase order you’ve just received in, and you’re done!


Posted: Mon 12 Dec 2022