Set up your accounting

Tidy’s integration with Xero accounting means that when you make sales, purchases, and adjustments to your stock in Tidy, your Xero financial records are automatically updated. In this module, learn how to set up the connection to Xero from your Tidy account.

Step 1

Head to Xero under Global Settings.

Click on Connect to Xero.

Step 2

This will take you to the Xero Login page. Log in using your Xero details here. If you do not have a Xero account, sign up for a free trial to continue.

Click Allow Access, and you’ll be signed in and returned to Tidy.

Step 3

As seen here, there are four tabs that appear.

Under General, you can select the Xero revenue, expense, and asset accounts that you want to connect Tidy to.

Step 4

Beneath this, you can enable Auto-Approval of supplier invoices, sale invoices, credit, and stock adjustments. This means they will appear in Xero as automatically approved rather than as drafts.

Step 5

Under Tax Rates, select the revenue and expense tax rates that will be applied when you make sales and purchases in Tidy.

Step 6

The Tracking tab will appear with categories like region and customer type if you have set up tracking in your Xero account.

Step 7

Lastly, the Branding tab is home to Invoice Templates, which Xero refers to as Branding Themes.

These will only appear here after they are set up in Xero.


Posted: Sun 04 Dec 2022