Set up your currencies

When initially signing up for TidyStock, you selected a base currency. This is the currency that you transact and do business in. If you trade internationally, it is useful to set up additional currencies. Please note that multiple currencies are only available under certain plans.

Step 1

To add a new currency, go to, Currencies under Global Settings.

From here, select New Currency.

Step 2

Hit Select to reveal a dropdown list of currencies you can choose from. Let’s add the United Kingdom Pound, so select GBP.

Step 3

NZD is our base rate, so look up the NZD to GBP exchange rate online and enter it here. Then click save and you’re done!

This exchange rate will need to be manually updated when you invoice sales and receive purchase orders for international customers and suppliers.

Step 4

You can update the exchange rate by clicking New Rate next to the targeted currency.

Step 5

Then add the latest exchange rate and save.


Posted: Sat 10 Dec 2022