Set up your material items

In TidyStock, stock items are referred to as Material Items. Sometimes, they’re simply called “materials” or “items.” In this module, learn how to set up and add material items to your TidyStock account. You’ll use them to make sales, purchases, create assemblies, and more.

Step 1

Head to Materials under Global Settings.

Click on New Material Item.

Step 2

Let’s add the material item General Purpose Coated Cable and add an item code.

Step 3

Select which material category it belongs to. If none are suitable, you can add a new one in the Material Categories tab.

Step 4

Enter a unit cost. This is the cost to you, of buying, receiving, and storing each unit of this material item.

Beside this, you’ll see unit charge. This is the default price that customers will pay when they purchase this material item from you. Later on, you can apply discounts and pricing levels to this base unit charge.

Step 5

Next, set the stock level, for each location by clicking the pen icon.

You can set a stock reorder level, which enables TidyStock to alert you when stock levels are low.

A stock max level can also be set, which prevents you from ordering and storing too much of this material item.

Step 6

Lastly, choose a supplier and default location for this material.

Step 7

Once you save, the General Purpose Coated Cable, is ready for you to buy and sell.

Step 8

To learn about the more advanced areas in Material Items, see the modules: Difference Between Managed and Unmanaged Items, and How to use Catalogue Pricing.


Posted: Mon 05 Dec 2022