Set up your users

Users are the people in your organisation who will be using Tidy. In this module, learn how to set up their logins and permissions. Also set up their timesheet details, salary, and charge rates for projects.

Step 1

To add a new user, head to the Global Settings tab and click on Users. Select New User.

Step 2

Enter the user’s email into the Login I.D. field. Then add a default password. They will be able to change this later.

Step 3

Next, enter the user’s name and contact email.

Also select a department from the dropdown list. You will need to set departments up under Global Settings beforehand.

Step 4

After this, you’ll need to select the user’s roles. This will determine what permissions they have in Tidy, and what they can view or edit.

See the module User Types and Permissions to learn what different user roles can do.

Step 5

Let’s give Winnie Workshop permissions as a time writer and material writer.

Under the Options section, let's select the detailed permissions too.

Then save, and the user's personal information is all set up!

Step 6

Move along to the next tab: Employment Contract.

Choose whether this user is on a permanent employee agreement or if they are a contractor.

Step 7

Next, set their timesheet details.

Choose which days they can enter time for, how many standard hours they work per day, and the maximum number of hours they can submit per day.

Step 8

Below this, enter their hourly rate, or salary.  If you have multiple currencies, select which currency they are paid in.

Step 9

Enter the employee and department codes from your connected payroll system.

Step 10

Under the Invoicing Information tab, you can set a default charge rate or add a custom rate for this user.

See the module Set up your charge rates to learn more about this.



Posted: Thu 09 Mar 2023