Set up your users

Users are the people in your organisation who will be using TidyStock. In this module, learn how to set up their logins and permissions. Also learn how to act on behalf of other users.   

Step 1

To add a new user, head to the Global Settings tab and click on Users

Select New User.

Step 2

Enter the user’s email into the Login I.D. field. 

Then add a default password. They will be able to change this later.

Step 3

Next, enter the user’s name and contact email.

Also select a department from the dropdown list. You will need to set departments up under Global Settings beforehand.

Step 4

After this, you’ll need to select the user’s roles. This will determine what permissions they will have in Tidy, and what they can view or edit.

See the module on User Types and Permissions to learn about what these user roles can do.

Step 5

Let’s give Willa Warehouse permissions as an invoicer, purchaser, and salesperson.

Then save, and the user is all set up!

Step 6

To disable a user, unclick the checkbox under Enabled in your user list.

Step 7

Something else you can do with users is actions on behalf. This is when one user impersonates or acts on behalf of someone else.

If we edit Ava Admin and click on the Actions on Behalf tab, I can select other users for Ava to act as. Let’s select Stella Sales and Whitney Warehouse.

Step 8

Once this is saved, a switch icon appears by my username at the top of the screen.

Step 9

Click on it, choose who you want to act on behalf of, then hit Switch.

Step 10

I’ve switched to Stella Sales, so you can see that my screen now looks different due to her permissions.


Posted: Tue 13 Dec 2022