How to use the stock level warnings screen

The Stock Level Warnings Screen displays current stock levelssales and purchases on order, and calculates recommended reorder levels for you. Purchase orders can be quickly created from here, which simplifies reordering and prevents stock shortages.

Step 1

Let’s begin by setting up a stock reorder level.

Head to Materials and expand a material item by selecting it and clicking Edit.

At this stage, you may want to ensure you have the supplier of that item set up. This will allow you to filter by supplier later.

Step 2

Click on the orange pen icon next to Stock Level to edit stock level information. Let’s say that we want to reorder this Grey Pick Rack whenever stock levels fall below 30 units.

Step 3

You can also set a Stock Max Level which is the maximum level you want to “top up” your stock levels to.

This gives you an inventory buffer, allowing some headroom when it comes to lead time, while ensuring you don’t order too much stock.

Step 4

Now that we’ve set up the stock reorder level and max level, let’s take a look at the Stock Level Warnings screen.

Go to Stock Level Warnings under the Home tab.

Step 5

Here, we can see the Grey Pick Rack with its set reorder level of 30. We can also see that there are only 25 units in stock at the moment.

Step 6

Additionally, there are 3 units not yet received from suppliers, minus 2 units that are on order to customers. Altogether, this gives us a working total of 26 units.

Step 7

This working total is then subtracted from the max level, to give us a recommended reorder of 34 units. Reordering this will “top up” our inventory back to the stock max level of 60.

If there was no max level set up, the reorder level would be used in place of it in this calculation.

Step 8

You can make a Purchase Order to the Grey Pick Rack’s recommended supplier by clicking on the item name or the checkbox next to its recommended reorder. Other line items can be added to this order too, if they are for the same supplier and/or location.

You can also use the filters at the top to sort by location and supplier.

Then click Create Purchase Order for Selection.

Step 9

This brings you to the New Order screen. The location, supplier, material items, and quantity to be ordered are already filled out for you. So from here, you can just send the purchase order.

Step 10

When we come back to the Stock Level Warnings Dashboard, you can see that the Grey Pick Rack and Fender Washers have disappeared. This is because the purchase order we just sent increased their working totals to a level above the stock reorder level.

Step 11

This is the reorder multiplier.

When it is set at 100%, material items appear on the dashboard whenever their working total is less than the stock reorder level.

Step 12

The reorder multiplier is adjustable, which is helpful if you want to be warned that your stock levels are approaching the reorder level before they actually reach it. With long lead times nowadays, this is particularly useful.

To adjust the reorder multiplier, go to Company under Global Settings, and click on Sales & Purchases.

Let's change the Reorder Multiplier to 1.2, which is 120%.

Step 13

Back on the Stock Level Warnings screen, the 100% has changed to 120%. This means that items will now appear on the dashboard whenever their working total is less than 120% of their reorder level.

Step 14

The item Large Welding Glove was not here before, but it has now appeared.

This is because 120% of its reorder level is 36, and its working total is 31. So the working total is now less than 120% of the reorder level.

This means that the Large Welding Glove is approaching the reorder level, indicating that we should order more.

Step 15

Also note that the working total for the Large Welding Glove is black, while it is red for the other items.

This is because the working total appears red if it is lower than the reorder level. The working total appears black if it is greater than the reorder level.


Posted: Tue 13 Dec 2022