How to run a stock on hand report

Stock on hand reports show you the stock levels of your material items. They show a breakdown and total cost value of current stock on hand.

Step 1

Head to Reports under the Reporting tab.

Step 2

Under Stock Reports, you'll find the Stock on Hand Report

Click the play icon under Run Report at the end of the row. 

Step 3

This screen will pop up.

You can filter down your report by material category, location, and managed or unmanaged items. 

If you want to see a report of stock levels at a previous date, you can also back-date it.

Lastly, choose what file format you want the report exported in (PDF, Word, Excel, or CSV), then click run.

Step 4

The report will generate and automatically download to your device. 

Click on the download to view your stock on hand report. 


Posted: Sat 03 Dec 2022