How to transfer materials between locations

If you store stock in more than one location, you may need to move material items between them for sales. In this module, learn how to transfer materials between locations.

Step 1

Head to Materials under the Global Settings tab, and click on Transfers.

Select New Transfer.

Step 2

Choose a source location where the stock is currently being stored. Next, choose the destination location to transfer the stock to.

Step 3

Type or search for the material item to transfer, and enter a quantity.

You can choose either save as draft or save and complete.

Step 4

Now when you go into item #6 Flat Washer and look at its stock level, you can see 10 packs at the Camberwell Branch shown due to the transfer.

Step 5

You can view the transfer or download a picklist.


Posted: Sun 11 Dec 2022