User types and permissions

When setting up your users, you must select which roles and permissions they have. In this module, learn about different user roles and what areas they can view or edit in TidyStock.

Step 1

Head to Users under Global Settings to create or edit a user.

Step 2

Under Roles, you’ll see two subsets of users: managers and team members.

Step 3

Under manager users, we have system administrators and resource administrators.

Resource administrators can create and manage users.

Step 4

System administrators have full access to everything in the Global Settings tab aside from users. 

Step 5

There are four types of team users.

Invoicers can generate invoices when sales are made.

Step 6

A Sales Person can create and manage sales orders. 

If you want them to be able to edit and view all pricing information, click the first checkbox.

Step 7

If you want them to be able to view and edit the charge price but not the unit cost, click the bottom checkbox

You can also choose whether they can view the inventory dashboard.

Step 8

A Purchaser can generate purchase orders. 

You can also choose whether they can approve and send purchase orders, and also they can add or archive material items.

Step 9

Lastly, a Reporter can generate reports.


Posted: Mon 12 Dec 2022