Tidy Tips

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    Duplicating Time Entries

    Instead of re-entering similar projects, tasks, and activities over and over, you can duplicate previous time entries!

    Simply click the right arrow to duplicate an entry to the same day, or the down arrow to duplicate an entry to the next day. Then make any edits and hit enter.

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    Mapping Material Categories

    Did you know that you can map material categories to specific Xero revenue, expense, and cost of goods sold accounts?

    To do this, switch on the "Enable Advanced Mapping" setting under your Xero Setup. This allows you to override default account mappings at the material category level.

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    Keyboard Shortcuts/Hotkeys

    Did you know that there are keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys that you can use in Tidy?

    Save a few clicks and seconds by trying them out!

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    User-Specific Charge Rates

    Did you know you can set custom hourly charge rates for specific users? When you edit a user, go to the Invoicing Information tab, then click New User Rate to create a custom charge rate that can only be applied to this user. 

    When you go to assign users to project tasks, you will be able to select this user-specific charge rate.

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    Resetting Password

    Did you know that users can change their own password when logged into their Tidy account?

    Click on the your name in the top right corner to bring up your user profile. Then simply type in a new password, confirm it, then save.