TidyStock FAQs

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    Do I need to connect to Xero?
    To get the most out of TidyStock, you must connect to Xero. However, if you don't want to connect to Xero, select Allow Stock Management Without Accounting under the Company section of General Settings. 
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    What happens to my inventory value in Xero?

    For managed items, your Xero inventory value will update when sales, purchases, and adjustments are made in TidyStock.

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    What are all the ways that TidyStock connects to Xero?

    When you confirm a purchase order receipt in TidyStock, a supplier bill payable will be created in Xero

    Once you save and invoice a sale order in TidyStock, it will create a customer invoice in Xero

    When you make a stock adjustment in TidyStock, it will send through a stock adjustment journal to Xero

    You can map TidyStock customers directly to Xero contacts when you create or edit a customer

    If you send a supplier invoice from TidyStock to Xero for a contact that doesn't exist in your Xero account, a new supplier contact will be created in Xero

    You can map your sales tax rates in TidyStock to tax rates in Xero

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    What is the best way to change my Xero invoice settings?

    In the Xero section of TidyStock, under the Global Settings tab. 

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    How do I account for freight and other service items in TidyStock?

    Create a material category for freight in TidyStock and map it to the appropriate Xero account. Also create an unmanaged item called "Freight Charge" or something similar and set freight as its material category. Once the item is created, edit the item and remove the number within the Stock Level field to make it blank. This will make the item non-depleting.

    You will now be able to select freight as an item on Sales Orders.

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    Can I assign a salesperson to a sale?

    Yes, you can use Xero's tracking categories for this. In Xero, create a tracking category called "salesperson," then add all relevant staff members names to the category. Then click "Update Tracking Categories" in the Xero section of TidyStock. Now when you create a sale, the field "salesperson" will appear and you can select a name.

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    Can a team member change the status of a purchase order once it has been approved, rather than a manager having to do it?
    Yes!  Under your Company Settings, if Require Purchase Order Approval is selected, make sure to enable Can this Purchaser approve Purchase Orders? under the specific user’s permissions.
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    How do I export a list of unreceived purchase orders?

    Go to Reports under the Reporting tab and click on report ST08 Purchase Order Report. Select Not Received for the status then click Run to download the report to your device.

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    Can I add materials to a purchase order after it has been closed/received?


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    Is a packing slip the same as a delivery note?

    Yes! TidyStock provides a standard packing slip template that can be customised into a delivery note.

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    How do I give a quote?

    When you create a sale, you can save it as a quote. This quote can then be downloaded as PDF or directly emailed to the customer.

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    Why can't I edit my material item's unit cost?

    If it's a managed item, you cannot directly edit its unit cost because the item value is tracked in Xero. If you need to update the unit cost because your supplier has updated their pricing, you can add the new unit cost in the catalogue price field. When you make a purchase at the catalogue price value, the item's overall unit cost will update as a weighted average.

    See How to use catalogue pricing for more information.

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    How do I see low stock alerts?

    Head to the Stock Level Warnings screen under Inventory to see which items are running low on stock. You can set a custom threshold for low stock depending on how far in advance you want items to appear on this screen.

    See How to use the stock level warnings screen for more information.

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    Can I have negative stock?

    Yes, you can still create sales orders when you do not have sufficient stock. This creates a backorder.

    See Invoicing without dispatching stock for more information.

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    Can I set up a bill of materials (BOM)?

    Yes! In Tidy, a bill of materials is known as an “assembly.” Assemblies are top-level finished products comprised of individual material item components.

    To learn more about this, see How to create an assembly.

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    How do I delete a location?

    To delete a material location, you must first disable it and archive it. The bin icon will then appear. Click on the bin icon to delete the location. 

    If you have transactions, projects, or materials that use this location, it cannot be deleted. You cannot delete locations that have been used in transactions before. However, you can still hide the location from view by disabling or archiving it.

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    How do I do a stock take or stock valuation?

    Under the Reporting tab, you can download a Stocktake List to aid you with a manual stocktake. Once you complete your stocktake, you can do a stock adjustment in TidyStock for any discrepancies. See How to complete a stock adjustment.

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    Does TidyStock have hotkeys/keyboard shortcuts?


    You may need to reset your internet browser back to default settings for these hotkeys to work.

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    What is the maximum code length?

    It depends what the code is for!

    Material items: 25 characters

    Suppliers: 10 characters

    Customers: 10 characters

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    How do I add my logo and company name to invoices and delivery notes?

    Go to Company under Global Settings. In the General tab, you can add your company name and upload a logo. These will appear on your purchase orders, quotes, and packing slips.

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    How does TidyStock value stock?

    TidyStock uses a weighted average cost method for inventory valuation

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    How do I delete or clear data from my trial?

    To clear data during your trial, click START at the top of your screen and enter Setup Mode. This deletes all demo data in your TidyStock account accumulated from Preview Mode and you can start entering your own data. 

    To delete a specific material, location, or supplier, etc., you can click the rubbish bin icon at the end of the row. Some things may require you to disable before deleting.