• You can credit/refund Purchase Orders that have been receipted. This takes the goods out of stock and returns them to the supplier. A Supplier Credit Note is also created in Xero to that Supplier.
    Posted: Tuesday 28 November 2023
  • Purchase Orders are created when you want to purchase stock from a supplier. In this module, learn how to create a new purchase order and what different purchase order statuses mean.
    Posted: Tuesday 13 December 2022
  • Previously, we created and sent a purchase order to a supplier. In this module, learn how to receive the items on the purchase order when stock has arrived. Once the items have been received, a bill payable is created in your connected Xero account.
    Posted: Monday 12 December 2022
  • If you want to purchase components to create an assembly, the "Purchase Order from Assembly" feature in Tidy makes it easy to ensure you order all of the material items required. In this module, learn how to create and receive purchase orders from an assembly.
    Posted: Sunday 11 December 2022